Pastor & Leader Equipping

Journey ministers to and trains pastors, leaders, caregivers, missionaries and faculty for discipleship ministry.

Two of our main offerings that are hosted by Journey include:

  • Pastoral Approaches Seminars

  • Journey Intensive Week

At the invitation of churches and ministries, Journey staff will also come present at events such as seminars, conferences, workshops and consultations.


Some topics of equipping include:

  • Being Wounded Healers

  • Brokenness, Healing and Process

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Leadership

  • Listening Prayer

  • Ministering to Youth and Young Adults

  • Sexually Addictive Behaviour

  • Sexual Wholeness in Ministry

  • Sexuality

Journey USA works with a variety of churches to foster healing within their communities. These include leaders from Baptist, Catholic, Anglican, Charismatic, Pentecostal, Christian Reformed, and Vineyard as well as many other denominational backgrounds.