"I have experienced the program both as a participant and as a leader/coordinator.  For me, the program was transformational in that it provided a safe environment in which I could recognize my own brokenness and woundings and receive healing from Jesus.  I encountered God’s healing grace as I began my second marriage. . .fearful that insecurity and self-loathing would continue to sabotage my relationships.  Through this program, the Lord revealed how He sees me -- the truth of who He created me to be.  And He settled in my heart the unshakable knowledge that I am loved and treasured by Him.  The relational implications for me -- with my wife and with others in my life -- were dramatic and amazing." — Mark


"I was desperate for relief from my pain, and God offered up this program in response.  My healing journey from same-sex attraction took me through the program several times as a participant and many times as a leader.  Through my journey, I learned the truth of who God created me to be, and He taught me that His love was dependable, unfailing, absolute and forever.  I found hope, and I experienced change.  I know that God used this program mightily in my healing." —Christy

As the director of a recovery ministry, Journey has played an important role in helping the people I minister to experience the healing touch of Jesus in areas of pain and brokenness in their lives. While the material is excellent in helping people understand the origins of their issues, it’s really the small group time where they encounter Jesus’ love and acceptance of them that transforms how they think and feel about themselves.  

A few quotes from people who went through the program. 
 “Allowing Jesus into my past and experiencing his love and presence was wonderfully healing for me.
“I learned many things and it has given me a greater understanding of why I’ve had a difficult time connecting with and trusting people.” “I feel that this program is an example of how Jesus loves us.”